Instructor Profiles

Build a home for your teaching on the internet

At its core, Altminster is a platform where scholars can advertise their services as private instructors to an audience of passionate students. We provide you with a landing page where you can show the world what you can help them learn. There’s a place for your hourly rate, for your credentials, and for testimonials: everything you need to convince students that you’re the one who can help them make progress in your subject. Get started now.

Course Profiles

Grow your teaching business

We also offer a place for academic course creators to list their cohort-based or self-paced courses. These listings work in much the same way as instructor listings, but they direct people to a course sales page rather than facilitate an introduction. Since our audience is full of people at various stages of their journey towards learning a subject, some of them may not be ready for private instruction – they may, instead, be at the perfect spot to take a course. List a course.


Search engine optimized profiles out of the box

We care a lot about findability. All profiles are hand-coded with attention to the details that make a difference in being ranked by Google: they load quickly, they’re properly structured, and they’re designed to be read on all screen sizes.

We also provide more opportunities to get seen: if you have written an article on a niche topic in your field, we can host it, help you optimize it to be found by search engines, and link it prominently to your profile and personal website.


Made by friendly neighbourhood scholars who answer your emails

Altminster is 100% hand coded and we are very responsive to changes. As an instructor, you can email us any time with suggestions or problems you’re experiencing. We want to make sure this platform meets your needs!

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Idea Incubator

Test the waters for a new course or project without committing

If you have an idea for a new course, list it in our Idea Incubator, where potential students can sign up to be notified if and when it launches. This lets you test out course ideas to make sure there’s a market for them before investing a lot of time into creating them.

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